PowwoW 2019 | Exclusive Interview with the Winner of Road to Fame

powwow 2019-road to fame winner

Interview by Chubamenla, Hoinato, Easter and Rukushey | DOTTalks Reporters
Photograph by Calvin.
These girls are young, but they are tough. You do not want to mess with them. They can blow the roofs off stages with their ranges and bass!!! Here is an exclusive interview with Akhrienuo solo Grace class 11 from Mezhür Hr. Sec. School, Kohima and Alenuo. kelio from Little Flower Hr.Sec School Kohima. Winners of the Road to Fame Pow Wow 2019.

Reporter: Congratulations on the big win! So when did you first start this Collab with each other and when did this all begin, you know with the singing and beatboxing?
Akhrienuo and Alenuo: Thank you first of all! It all started in the year 2016. We just kind of came together and like it just happened.

R: I believe this is your first time here in Tetso College and the Pow Wow Festival. How do you like the College and the Fest?
A & A: Yes it is our first visit to Tetso College and the Pow Wow Festival. It is a very nice experience, the College is very homely, and all of the students are really friendly.

R: And how are you guys feeling about winning a big event like the Road to Fame?
A&A: We’re feeling good and actually speechless. This was totally unexpected.

R: Who do you look up to you know as a Beat Boxer, Akhrienuo?
Akhrienuo: DhRarni(beatboxer). He’s someone I look up to as a Beat Boxer.

R: And what about you Alenuo, Who do you look up to as a singer?
Alenuo: Justin Bieber.

R: What genre of music are you guys really into?
A&A: Mostly Hip Hop.

R: Would you like to come and perform here again next year?
Akhrienuo: Yes we’d love to visit and perform as well and it is my dream to study here in Tetso College. (Reporter internally cheers: Whoo Hoo!)

R: I just want to ask why Beat Box?
Akhrienuo: Because Beat Box is life.

R: Send a message to the audience reading this.
Akhrienuo: My message to all the people out here!
Beatbox is not just a game that people perform anywhere they like but it’s a unique talent and only some utilize it! It’s really a very unique thing because we don’t need music for it as well! And for me, it’s such a wonderful talent that God has gifted! And yes beatbox can be used for anything like collaborating in song or dance even! So it’s a unique talent! People should start embracing it instead of neglecting it and dismissing it!
Yes from my own experience, my parents didn’t support me until I showed them that I could achieve something out of it. And today my parents are proud of me being a female beatboxer from Nagaland!

R: What about you Alenuo?
Alenuo: Yes, I would like to tell the same thing too. People do not always support music especially the Naga society so I would like to encourage the people out there to go after their dreams.

R: Ok. That was some motivation. Thank you so much for being a part of the Pow Wow Festival 2019. Hope to see you next year and have a safe journey home.
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[In Picture :Right- Akhrienuo/ Left- Alenuo]

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