PowwoW 2019 | Interview with one of the stars of Tetso College

badmintion champion from tetso college

Interview by Easter and Chubamenla | DOTTalks Reporters
Photograph by Calvin

Interview with one of the stars of Tetso College. Nickname: Swift hands and feet

Zuchobemo of Tetso College
Badminton Men’s singles winner Pow Wow 2019.

R: So how are you feeling winning the Badminton for Men’s singles at an event like Pow Wow?
Zuchobemo: Normal (laughs)

R: Was your opponent strong enough? Which College did he belong to?
Z: Yes, it was a strong opponent as he is a State player, Junior rank number three.

R: So when did your career as a Badminton player begin?
Z: It began when I was in Class 11.

R: So you’ve been playing for quite some time now. What are some of the sacrifices that you had to make in order to be one of the best players in the state?
Z: A lot of sacrifices had to be made but the most dreadful is losing friends as you do not get time for friends as one must always keep practicing to keep the mind and body in good shape.

R: Were you confident of winning the match?
Z: Yes I was fully confident in winning today match.

R: Whim did you see as a threat of all the Colleges that participated?
Z: It was Patkai Christian College.

R: What is the secret to your success?
Z: It’s plain hard work. And I had the most amazing friend who has been supporting me since day one. He has always inspired me and pushed me to the extremes that have made me the player I today. So thank you Rikukhape, if you’re seeing this, I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t supported me.

R: Would you like to give us a tip or say something tot he audience reading your interview?
Z: This has been and will always be my source of motivation. Phillippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me..

R: Thank you and once again congratulations.
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