PowwoW 2019 | Interview with Pranabananda Women College

Pranabananda Women College in powwow 2019

Interview by Hoinato, Easter and Chubamenla | DOTTalks Reporters.

Reporter: How many participants have come to participate here at Pow Wow 2019?
Students: Approximately 44 students.

Reporter: Even though you are from Dimapur, the road conditions from the main town area to our college is not that good. Have you faced any problems when you arrived to participate?
S: No, we all came Peacefully. (All Laughs)

R: Do you feel confident in winning some events?
S: Yes, we’re very confident about winning the Volleyball and penalty shootout.

R: Ok. So we wish you all the best and before we leave we would like to ask you to give a shout out or a quote or say something to the audience reading this. 
S: “We believe in women power..”

Happy Women’s Day! 
#womenempowerment #powwowfever #womenpower

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