Nagaland: “Police Ke Pathshala” For Students To Combat Cybercrime And Social Media Vigilantism

On August 31, the common hall of all girls Little Flower School in Nagaland’s Kohima was jam-packed. Some 500 girls from class 9 to 11 were patiently seated and were calmly listening to the lecture. The girls were excited and anxious, as this was the first time when their lecturer was a police official. The subject of the lecture was not Maths or Science rather it was cybercrime, eve-teasing and more. The session-the first of its kind is an initiative by the Nagaland police called, “Police Ke Pathsala”. It was conducted by Inspector General of Police (Range) Sonia Singh which aimed at connecting the police and student community.
Till now, IG Sonia with her small team of junior cops has conducted 10-11 sessions in various schools and colleges of the district. “In every school, I start my session with a question, asking the children if any of them would like to visit a thana (Police Station) ever? But I was surprised to see that not even a single hand stood up.”
At the beginning of this initiative, the Nagaland police department had written, Demi-official letter to heads of 40 colleges and schools across Kohima for the sessions. However, the success of the “Police ke Pathshala” initiative was evident by the first session held on August 31, says Mrs Sonia. “I was overly joyed and that is why we started going to more and more school. Now principals from many other schools and colleges call as to ask if we can deliver a lecture in their institute.”

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