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Chubamenla, DOTTalks Reporter:
The Hindustan Times organized a photo shoot in Maharashtra on the 26th of January to celebrate India’s Republic Day.
Multiculturalism is what defines our country and makes us unique. To celebrate this unique mélange of cultures, the Hindustan Times organized a photo shoot displaying various models from different parts of India, showcasing outfits of different states they didn’t belong to. You have Punjabis in love with all things Bengali, a North Easterner who believes she has a soul of a Maharashtrian, and an Andhra girl who wears the charm of Kashmir.

Art and Culture


Pinky Tammang, from Sikkim wore a red silk sari which made her look every inch the Maharashtrian that she always wanted to be.





An abstract artist, Shravanti T Mamillapalli from Andhra Pradesh, posed with a lovely phiran depicting Kashmir; soulfully sang the Kashmiri Folk song, Bumbro-Bumbro.





Hailing from Chhattisgarh, model Renee Kujur is in love with all things Gujarati and smiled for the camera while wearing a mirror-work choli and a vibrant ghaghra.





Student Sheen Turki from Himachal Pradesh has always been a fan of Kerala. She wore a Kasavu sari with mogra gajra in her hair.






Graphic designer Sunpreet Kaur is very inspired by the beauty of the Sunderbans. She poses with a silk sari draped in atpoure style.
Entrepreneur Minijit Singh showcased his love for Bengal with a white kurta, a shawl and a dhoti.



We applaud our beautiful diversity; indeed India there’s none like you!

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