Tetso Business Club Inaugural Programme

With an objective to orient students to the practical aspects of business management and enhancing student’s understanding of business aspects along with personality development, the Departments of Commerce and Management launched “TETSO BUSINESS CLUB” on 23rd August 2018.

The inauguration programme began with an invocation and encouragement speech by Dr P.S. Lorin, Principal, Tetso College, followed by an introductory speech by Sir. Rajesh Tanti, Coordinator of the Business Club. After which, Business Quiz competition was held to begin with as the first activity under Business Club.

BBA 1st Semester bagged the Winning Trophy with their participants: 1.Mr. Keshabraj Panthi, 2. Mr Surathong Y and 3. Ms Akuminla Pongentsur and B.Com 3rd Semester was declared 1st Runners Up with their participants: 1. Mr Samenba Longkumar, 2. Ms Eunice Khing and 3. Mr Jonny Mech. The programme ended with vote of thanks by Ms Asani Eshena, Asstt Professor, Department of Management

Source – http://tetsocollege.org/news/1848

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