PowwoW 2019 | Cosplay | Interview with Imtisunep of Sazolie college

Dottalks - cosplay

Chubamenla and Easter | DOTTalks Reporters
Imtisunep from Sazolie college, dressed as Mephisto Pheles from the anime Ao no Exortist.

Reporter: Is this your first time here in Tetso College?
Imtisunep: Yes, it is my first time.
R: What are your thoughts about the addition of Cosplay to the Pow-Wow Festival?
I : It’s a very good initiative as it is something that is not talked of well. So I really appreciate it.

R: How are you liking this festival so far?
I : So far so good. But I would like to be honest so, yes the idea of including Cosplay was good but the execution wasn’t up to expectations. But overall it was really fun and interesting to participate.

R: Hope you take this image of Tetso with you to your friends and classmates back in Sazolie College.
: It was really fun to be here. Thank you for having us.

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