Kohima Science College Students’ Union: A journey of 50 years

The name Kohima Science College (KSC) calls a certain air of respect, refreshment and happiness upon mention. It is not surprising as scores of students from all walks of life enroll yearly in a hope of bringing a change to the society and everyone is somehow related to someone who has been in KSC. Owing to its dedicated faculty, KSC has never failed in its part in producing the state’s notable doctors, engineers, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, evangelists etc.
However, the road to such prolific achievements was never easy. To set up a reliable Science College in the state, sacrifices had to be made, tears wept and sweat spilt in order to give opportunities to those who could not go beyond the state to pursue further studies. Amid the humble beginnings with shortage of teachers, funds and proper infrastructures, a handful of committed lecturers along with well wishers managed to plant the seed which germinated into an oak tree, the present KSC, whose fruits are impacting the corners of not only the state but the nation.
Five years ago the college hit a major milestone as she celebrated 50 years of existence. The present year 2016 marks yet another milestone as the Kohima Science College Students’ Union (KSCSU) is headed for its golden jubilee on March 12. With the hectic preparations going on thus far it is race against time. The semester exams due April continues to haunt every now and then.
Students’ union during the initial years
Kohima Science College, then known as Kohima College, was established in September 1961 at the place where the Rüzhükhrie Govt. Higher Secondary School stands now. The college’s first building (T. Sakhrie Memorial Building) is now the school’s boys hostel. In our context 1966 is a momentous year as that year the Kohima Science College Students’ Union was formed with late Hekha Mao as the 1st general secretary. Times were difficult at best. However, a handful of dedicated lecturers and, in the words of a former principal, “a brave lot of 21 students who opted for this college which was in embryonic stage then…” decided to undertake the journey of higher education in Science. Hekha Mao’s responsibilities were unenviable, for funds were almost non-existent and with no Constitution to guide him. But his pioneering work of serving the college’s student community paved the way for his successors who were uncompromising leaders, whose sweat and tears gave birth to what we have now.
Snippets from the records of the former general secretaries 60s era
On July 1, 1964, the college was taken over by the Government of Nagaland. The late Hekha Moa became the first general secretary of Kohima Science College and played a very significant role for the KSCSU. Year 1967 saw the first two student BSc graduates of the college under Guwahati University. The college had a huge boost when the college was shifted to the present site after the government procured 150 acres of land (excluding the 50 acres magnanimously donated by the Jotsoma people) in the adjoining areas of the College. The students along with lecturers were laden with social works as the area was a forest.
Birth of Annual Magazine: It was the far-sighted vision and dedication of Dr. N. R. Newmai 2nd general secretary through whom the college published its first magazine by the name The Kohimians. Dr. N. R. Newmai had the opportunity to represent Nagaland in the national youth seminar on national integration in Delhi. It was there he met a Good Samaritan by the name Dilokchand Singh from Punjab, who took the responsibility of printing the magazine along with Dr. Newmai. Teka Temjen was the first editor.
70s era
During the early 70s, cultural and social meets as well as other co-curricular activities like sports, games, and debates gained momentum. The students were actively involved in many social gatherings and witnessed some big names such as Hokishe Sema, the then chief minister of Nagaland, football maestro Dr. T. Ao. August 14 of 1973 marked a huge step for the student’s union body as the constitution of the Kohima Science College Student’s Union was adopted. Kiremwati was the principal and T. Watty Imsong was the general secretary.
College obtained its first ‘VengaBus’ in 1974; it’s noteworthy that the girls welfare secretary, Asangla Alinger introduced football for girls in the college.
80s era
Much of what we see today in the college was in blueprints during this decade. Under the leadership of G.S. Bohovi Sema, there was a plantation of 1000 pine trees around the college campus. Interestingly, two developments which are defunct now took place: one was the introduction of (field) hockey as a part of the sports week, while the other was the extension of NST city bus services up to the college. The sports events during that time were usually in association with NEHU. Dozens of students would go down to Shillong and always bagged individual prizes. The much need renovation of the college auditorium was done during this fruitful era.
90s era
In the 90s the college witnessed more participation at the state level competitions. The KSCSU began to play a more proactive role in the ANSCU and NSF. The KSCSU under general secretary, Hotulu Swu hosted the ANSCU 7th general conference cum 1st inter college meet during 23-28 October 1995 which witnessed participation from various colleges. The KSC football team managed to bag the 1st runners up trophy and they also played in the NSF martyrs trophy.
In 1996 during the tenure of G.S. Avilie Abraham Chasie, the college hosted the first Nagaland University Collegiate Sports meet. It was a proud moment when the college basketball team (women) won the first position.
Much of the construction and development seen in the college are the agendas of the former secretaries and his team. It was during this time much loved basketball court for the college was constructed.
Turn of the century

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