Earning your own keep


Rukusheyi | Abhishek [DOT reporters]:
What usually comes to your mind when you hear the word fundraising?
People going around door to door, collecting donations. What we see today in our society in context fundraising for events is fundraisers focused on donation from well-wishers, but we rarely see people working to earn especially students, well not for these dedicated students from Dimapur Government College.
Led by Chumchano Odyuo who is the women coordinator of the Lotha Student Union of Dimapur Government College, she along with two other members from her union are selling newspapers early in the morning around Dimapur Railway Station and New market areas as a means to raise funds for her union.
Students all over could learn the dignity of labor from her as an example, a willingness to work and earn, something which has become rarity among students.

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