PowwoW 2019 | Interview with Salesian College

Saletian College in Powwow2019

Interview by Hoinato, Rukushey, Chubamenla, photograph by Calvin and Abhishek.

This was not their first time here in the college. This year’s Pow Wow gave them better opportunities. They were the Runners up for the year 2017.

R: Which College do you think had a chance to win the overall Championship s?
S: Well we’re not sure but Unity College is quite good.

R: Did you win any event?
S: Yes we won the Volleyball for men.

R: How were the opponents??
S: We had a tough fight with Tetso College in Volleyball but we won. But what we didn’t expect was the Basketball game. We weren’t expecting the Tetso team to be so strong.

R: Say something to the crowds dealing this.
S: “There is Nothing to be lost or sad if one loses in games for happiness always follows him or her. Run jump shout and play but do not sin.”

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