PowwoW 2019 | Interview with Kohima Science College

Powwow interview with Kohima Science College

Kohima Science College. Showing great team spirit and great personalities as well.
Interview by Easter, Hoinato, Rukushey and Chubamenla. Photograph by Calvin and Abhishek. DOTTalks Reporters.

Reporter: Which College was more of a challenge according to you?
Students: Unity college.

R: What do you like about the youth festival?
S: We really love it and the activeness of all the participants from different colleges is really encouraging. All the students are very welcoming. We’d like to come here again.

R: Would you like to give us any suggestions to make next year’s Pow Wow better?
S: Maybe in the closing ceremony or after there should be some extravaganza you know so that we can all dance and have fun.

R: How do you find Dimapur?
S: It’s really hot but the People are cool!

R: So did you guys win any event?
S: Not the guys but the Girls are the champions for basketball.

R: That’s great! Whom did you play against?
S: Against Sazolie College and they were really great as well.

R: Say something to the people reading this or to the College.
S: Just keep doing what you’re doing and we believe that next year’s Pow Wow will be greater and better than this year’s. We hope to come next time as well.

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