PowwoW 2019 | Basketball(Women) | Interview with Temjerenla of St John College Dimapur

Dottalks - women basket - powwow 2019

Lushian | DotTalks Reporter
BA 2nd Semester
Ig-@arenjamir @St John College.

Interview by Lushian Dottalks Reporter.

Dt- What made your team participate in this competition?
T- I came to know about this through my friends and since we are interested in playing basketball we decided to participate.
Dt- How are you feeling since your team won the match?
T- I m feeling good we have one more match so excited about it.
Dt- Since when are you playing basketball?
T- I m playing basketball since 2014.
Dt- Who is your inspiration?
T- My inspiration is Stephen Curry.
Dt- How do you find Tetso?
T- I find Tetso good it has a nice surrounding. I was actually planning to study here but because of some transportation problem I couldn’t.

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