PowwoW 2019 | Basketball | Interview with Eyoseto Neikha of St. Joseph College Jakhama

Dottalks - powwow 2019 - basketball

Lushian | DotTalks Reporter

Name – Eyoseto Neikha
4th semester
St. Joseph College Jakhama.
Winner of 1st basketball match.

Dt- Is it your first time in Tetso?
E- yes it is my first time.
Dt- How are you feeling after winning the match?
E- Obviously it feels good because we have been practising since last year for this pow-wow.
Dt- What is the one thing your team do after winning?
E- For my team, whether we win in first place or second it is a big thing for us. We don’t pour out our joy and happiness but we celebrate within our hearts and it motivates us to do more better.
Dt-Who do you wish was watching you today while playing?
E- I wish my college mates were watching us playing today.
Dt- Who is your inspiration?
E- For me i have no particular favourite player but the player who dedicate themselves in sports inspires me.

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