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Chuchuyimpang students repair college’s road

It was a goodwill mission for the students. The Chuchuyimpang Students’ Union (CKT) has embarked on a mission to repair a portion of a road at a landmark point, at Fazl Ali College in Mokokchung district.

The student volunteers have been repairing the road covering approximately one kilometre till the college’s main gate for the past three days, it is informed.

The president of the CKT, Kilangzulu, asserted that the road was important for the college’s students but the road was bad and it became worse over the years because of ‘poor maintenance.’ He said that the major contributors to the endeavour include the Chuchuyimpang Village Council, village development board, and the church. Heavy machinery was provided by Mongya Construction’s proprietor Sanen Sempo, it was informed.

The students’ leader asserted that the endeavour was ‘purely a goodwill mission after foreseeing the pathetic condition of the road on which hundreds of college students from the main town commute daily.’

According to him, the endeavour is not only to fill potholes; the work includes a ‘road extension’ and construction for drainage along the road. The union has dumped more than 20 loads of stone chips to fill the potholes and more will be required, Kilangzulu said.

According to available information, the road is in the village’s jurisdiction, but looked after by the Public Works department and repaired by the department in 2013. The village’s taxi union also undertook road repairs when it started wearing out over the years.

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